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Curious about membership at Melissa UMC?

The only official requirement for membership in the United Methodist Church is that you have been baptized. We schedule times for people to join the church at any time when community is gathered. This is typically at the end of a worship service but we can arrange another time if you are uncomfortable in front of a crowd.

You will be asked one question when you come forward to join the church, "Will you be loyal to Melissa United Methodist Church by supporting it with your prayers, presence, gifts, service & witness?" The community that is gathered will then greet you. This commitment to community looks differently for each one of us. 

The journey of discipleship or growing as a follower of God is cumulative and holistic. Each step in our journey lead us to a new place in faith with new challenges and opportunities. Discipleship is not only about attending worship or a Bible study. Discipleship is a growing relationship with God that builds over time& involves every aspect of our lives.

Living Fully Within Melissa UMC is a tool to help you discern where you might be in your faith journey. We try to use this annually within our community as self-reflection to determine where and how we would like to grow in our discipleship. Members of Melissa UMC typically find themselves at the 'commit' level in most of these areas.

When you are ready to join, to set your joining day. We are ready to welcome you into Christian community.